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Getting problem in GSA SER

Hello Everyone,

I have purchased GSA SER 5 days back and also purchased verified list from @loopline. I am already using private proxy and for captcha tried  both (decaptcha and Captacha breaker{trial version}). But don't know What is the problem, I am not getting any link from this list. Getting only errors.

I was using Rankerx and SeNuke.

Please someboday help me to solve this problem.



  • looplineloopline
    At least 1 issue is you have search engines turned on. See in your log, stuff like
    results on Excite for Hotaru CMS with query "Best from" Hotaru Popular Upcoming Latest

    your log is full of that. 

    So you may have my list hooked up, but your que is being flooded with random urls from search engines so you might as well not even have my list in there.    Thats why you are getting no results, I do all that work for you and give you only what works. 

    So turn off all search engines, and if that doesn't work then backup your project and send it to me and I can advise what else you can adjust.  Your welcome to duplicate it and remove any sensative data first.  Then send it. 

    Il pm you as well.
  • I have already sent you backup of my project.

    Waiting for the answer.

  • No reply from you @loopline :(
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