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How can i upload my Proxy GSA

Hi, I am new to GSA and I don't know more of the options in GSA I need help in uploading proxies. I got a list of Proxies from a forum and I want to use them when I have added it from a file and run for testing and it is showing 0 proxies finished. I was using a proxy in these way 181.112.xx.xx:xxxxx as they are free I don't have username and password


  • SvenSven
    the format is ok. If you see them correctly in gui it should be fine testing.

    however keep in mind that they are usually blocked fast (check against bing, not google) and often unstable if you found them on a forum.
  • hi Sven,

    If I upload the proxy and test it and then press ok.the project will run under those proxy or else is there any other method for it to work out
  • Can you please refer me one best video tutorial where I can learn how to use the tool
  • Hi Sven,

    can you please let me know in addition to GSA SER What are the other tools should I have to use for the run it

    if yes are they available with GSA.can I get it as a bundle with any discount
  • SvenSven
    Well I don't know what your SEO strategy is so I can not know what tools you need.

    - Usually a Captcha Breaker to safe money on captcha cost when you build a lot links
    - Content Generator for quality and quick content
    - Spinning service if you are not into English content only

    That are the main things I would focus on.
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