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Question About Tier 2

edited February 2013 in Need Help
My Tier 1's are web2.0 sites such as tumblr, etc which link to my money site.

I do not aggressively build links to these sites, I put a 20/day verified cap on them and only submit to sites with less than 50 outbound links.

Right now I have about 1,100 verified links for about 10 urls.  These 1,100 urls are my tier 2, correct?  And these urls can be hit hard without any filters or care about penalization, right?

So my question is how can I start backlinking all 1,100 tier 2 links?  Do I make a separate GSA project for each of those 1,100 urls and then hit them hard with every platform possible with no filters or anything?  There's got to be an easier way than creating 1,100 new campaigns.

Maybe I'm not even understanding the tiers correctly, someone please help me out.  Thanks.


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