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CPU Running Very Hgh With Low Threads In Latest Version 12.18

sickseosickseo London,UK
I updated to 12.18 which seems to have resolved the phpweb issue, but now the cpu is running extremely high. I also tried running the older version again (12.17) after updating, and now the old version has the same issue of high cpu usage, even with low threads (50-100).

Before applying the update, the older version 12.17 was running super fast with low cpu usage.


  • SvenSven
    thats just not true. If there was a change in the cpu usage then it would not effect the older version.
  • ok then. Maybe its something else at my end. I shall tinker with things and see if there is any change.
  • SvenSven
    yep, maybe proxies, or a anti virus/firewall update?
  • luciferxeluciferxe United States
    I started getting the same problem. 
    I would run it at 1k threads with no problem.
    Then the 12.18 upgrade slowed me down to about 50-100 if I am lucky. 
    I have CPU usage spike at all. Not memory. My proxies are perfect.
    No firewall or antivirus. 
    Seems like a glitch in the in the script engine that he "fixed". Just a theory but logical. 
    Is there a way I can get 12.17 again and downgrade until a new update is released?
  • SvenSven
    you have 12.17 in your start menu
  • luciferxeluciferxe United States
    I'm not exactly sure where in my start menu. When I updated from 12.16 to 12.17. Did it happen to save the setup file somewhere I could look for it? I mainly want to test it out to see if my theory is right. I can also check my PC in a little while. Not home yet. 
    I love the software. 
  • You can find the previous version in c: > programfiles(x86) >gsa search engine ranker > Search_Engine_Ranker_old

    Each time you upgrade to the new version, the previous version is saved there.
  • luciferxeluciferxe United States
    Thank you. I found it and still seems to have the same issue. 
    Now I know it is my end. 
    Sorry Sven
    I don't know if later tonight if someone would be willing to look at my settings just to make sure this is normal behavior?
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