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GSA Troubleshooting

So, i just got this Alert from GSA on Sep. 22nd when i started my first campaign and am not sure what it means. Could someone help me figure out what i need to do in response to this Alert i got? The message said: "No targets to post to (no site list enabled, no engines allowing url extraction chosen, no scheduled posting" I'm not sure why it says this. I am new to GSA and have looked at The tutorial videos and read GSA posts to learn how to run GSA and set it up exactly how i was supposed to, I thought, and can't seem to figure out why I got this message.


  • Ecigmedia 

    The answer has given it self in the error msg.  

    Simply GSA SER doesn't have any targets to post. So you should scrape yourself and feed , or you have to let scrape gsa ser with public proxies and enabling search engines or simply buy a verified list from a seller.

    BTW you have open even thread on the wrong section. 
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