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Solidseovps or poweruphosting?

Hello friends,
I am looking for good VPS. I learned solidseovps and poweruphosting both are good. I preferred solidseovps and asked them to give me VPS that supports 100 to 300 threads. They recommended me to go for DS07 dedicated server that costs 64.95+16.95(windows fees) Total 82.90/ month. It seems very expensive for me as a beginner to VPS. 

I need advice from the folks those who are already using solidseovps. I asked for VPS. why they pushing me dedicated server? What is the difference between them? What server do you use? How much do you pay a month?

Please advice.

Thank you


  • They recommend server from France.
  • shaunshaun
    edited September 2017
    If you are brand new then I would recommend the Geek VPS from Solid until you find your feet. You can also save 10% via my coupon code on this page to reduce the cost while you try it.
  • Hi Shaun,
    Thanks for your reply. I am searching for Geek VPS on the website. 
  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails

    I can vouch for Powerup. they're fast and reliable. Never had an issue. Been using them for over 4 years now. 
  • Greenclouds also best and they are here as well. Solid SEO vps also great. Works great with looplines list and ser verified lists. 
  • jhonnyshadow 
    Thank you
  • @bkmurali
    Thank you for your order, we hope you enjoy the service. We checked as normally our staff wont push or try to upsell any clients and the reason they suggested a dedicated server for you is because you wanted a server that can easily run 1000 thread

    Normally with this high speed, its always better to get a dedicated server specially that we have no idea how many projects, tiers and sitelists you will be running along with this speed

    For 100 to 800 thread with up to 50 projects, any of our high end vps can handle it easy

  • I really don't recommend power up hosting. been using since last month and there is a total of ZERO days that I had'nt any problem with server.
  • I think their DS07 dedicated server looks quite decent. I have used their Windows VPS sometime back, and it was pretty speedy and decent in its speed, considering the specs offered on the VPS. No laggy/overloading noticeable.
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