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Anyone have experience using GSA-SER with Sandboxie?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited September 2017 in Need Help
I had this set-up and it was working fine. Don't know if it stopped working because of a Mozilla update, Sandboxie update, GSA-SER, or even a Windows 7 update!

I had the default browser set as a sandboxed Mozilla Firefox browser. 

Article previews would display just fine for a while, either in an already-open sandboxed browser, or if none were open, it would open a sandboxed browser to display the article (and other) previews.

At some point, very recently, GSA-SER previews would no longer display in the sandboxed browser, with the sandboxed browser starting either open OR closed. Nothing would happen when I'd click preview, either way!

So, I had to turn off that Firefox application for sandbox-only use.

Now, the articles again come up, but in an un-sandboxed Firefox browser session, as would be expected, as I removed the Mozilla folder from Sandboxie's settings for forced starts in the settings for that particular sandbox.

Does anyone know what might be up with this? Thanks!

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