Future of GSA SER?

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Hello, I been using GSA for 2 days now, eventough I'm getting pretty slow LPM (0.3) in my PC (internet connection 20 Mbps)... I'm already starting to see some results in both of the projects I've created so far.. that is just great.  but it leads me to the next question...

How long do you think this will work?  
Am afraid that a lot of people will start using GSA and Google will find the footprints and slap pages advertised with GSA.. hope that takes them years.. so we all can get enough money from our sites. 

What do you see in the future for GSA? 


  • ronron SERLists.com
    Accepted Answer
    A ton of people dropped out of affiliate marketing after Penguin hit. It is easier to get rankings than ever before. So go make a bunch of money and don't look over your shoulder.
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