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Which is the best Keyword Density Percentage

Some of you may think this is so useless question But it's not, Bear with me on this.

I don't really focus much on keyword density but recently I noticed that some of my pages has 5%+ keyword dencity. When i wrote those pages I didn't even cared about this, but now i think it's important.

So can anyone of you tell me which the Golden number which i should keep in mind for keyword dencitry.


  • It depends on a lot of factors. If you don't mind a bit of reading then phpbuilt has a great guide about on page optimization: -PHPBUILTS ON-PAGE SEO GUIDE.pdf?dl=0
  • @TheGypsy

    I just read it, I Must Say It was worth reading.

    Is there anything else like this document on other topics of SEO, I will read those ASAP.

  • shaunshaun
    @TheGypsy beat me to it. I have used PHPBuilts stuff since the first one he released and I always stuck to it. The Quirk plugin for Firefox uses a more advanced calculation to workout KWD than the Yoast plugin. Back when I used to do more consulting stuff the two main problems were people going for keywords that were far too hard and trusting the bullshit Yoast spits out about KWD and being over optimised.

    One thing I will say though, I have started to increase the number of variations and LSI keywords while knocking the KWD down a but as Google has massively upped their game when it comes to synonyms recently. It's a shame though as my keyword research method is taking a hit as the top 10 are more synonym based now :(.
  • @shaun You are getting old mate... I hope you've built enough money sites for retirement ;)

    @DarkDevil2 You can try Bruce Clay: Clay -- Silo.pdf?dl=0
    or here is the online version:
    This thread is absolute golden for siloing:

  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails
    edited September 2017
    One thing i've continually done over the years is <span>:smile:</span>
    1. look at the top 10 results for a given kw
    2. Calculate the average KW density (on each page and find the lump average of all 10 pages).
    3. use this kw density as a general guideline. 

    I'm a firm believer that every niche is different in terms of kw density.
  • shaunshaun
    @purehustle have you noticed that recently, maybe the past 6 month or so 8 or so out of the top 10 domains won't have the keyword on the page at all?

    Almost all the keywords I check now are like this and its what made me think Google have upped their synonyms game.
  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails
    @shaun, yeah, sometimes. I've definitely seen it. 

    For me, it means that google is getting smarter. They're now understanding an article (or website) at a much deeper level. They're no longer using a keyword analysis to try and comprehend the content itself. Instead, i believe they're using LSI/Synonyms to create a web outlining the article. From there, they can understand the topic, style, and intent of the article. 

    Either way things are changing
  • @TheGypsy
    Just print it out. Any other document which you think is a must-read.

    Maybe something on PBN or Link Velocity or something on Backlinks in general? 
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "have you noticed that recently, maybe the past 6 month or so 8 or so out of the top 10 domains won't have the keyword on the page at all?"

    I've noticed this as well. I found it strange.

    Some I've seen are rather thin on content, also.

    I think @purehustle, you must be right also. It seems to categorize properly even based on very little text. So, it gets the general idea of a page with less data to go on, and it is successful just with LSI and synonyms in context.

    But this makes me wonder: There had to have been


    keyword-sparse (or keyword-missing pages) with little content being created


    the search engine starting to recognize, and properly categorize, and possibly even FAVOR in the SERPs,  such a type of page.

    Where were such pages before? Did they even exist? Why would they? Who would make a page like that? lol It defies all convention.

    But now, some people are creating web pages like that because maybe that's what the search engine is looking for???

    Which came first?! lol =)
  • I agree with this post.
  • shaunshaun
    Deeeeeeee there have been a bunch of updates the past year, it could have came in with any of them or it might be Rank Brain kicking in after learning. I was watching a video about some AI Elon Musks team has made that is able to beat pro-DOTA 2 plays with ease after self-teaching itself it from scratch in weeks.

    I posted a little test I did in my journey thread over on BHW. The results I had saved have gone from 8/10 having the keyword on the page against today's top 10 having only 4/10 having the keyword on the page on average.
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