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GSA Captcha breaker 16% only

I am using only private proxy
10 private proxy
5 auto rotating proxy
running GSA SER on VPS
Files running on vps
2. GSA Captcha Breaker

also using monthly plan
Getting only 16% captcha solving (Captcha Breaker)
some one here guide me is it i am doing some thing wrong
LPM is only less then 10
GSA SER Setting

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    settings of your captcha breaker would be more interesting. I can however imaging that the low success rate is because of you trying to solve every captcha with it, even recaptcha and that is something it can not break.

    you should configure SER to skip hard captchas and CB to only let it solve captchas with at least a 20% success rate.


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