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Do not submit same article more than ???

@sven - when "Do not submit same article more than" is ticked it counts the articles used in submissions.

Can there be an option to just count the verified articles only.



  • shaunshaun
    Excellent suggestion :) All my recent sites using auto-generated content in their pyramids are doing little or nothing where as the ones using human content are climbing nicely and this feature could be a way for users to use human wrote articles in SER while keeping the costs down.

    @Sven I know this might be a pain but is there any chance it there could be an option added that adjusts the counts too if a page fails re-verification?

    For example, a project has 10 articles, it gets 10 verified links so stops posting due to not having spare articles but it runs its re-verify after a week or so and knows there are only 7 verified links now so tries to post 3 times again to get back upto 10 verified.

    I understand it might be a bit of a nightmare to implement and for the user to operate as the initial 10 submissions with the articles will need to wait till SER knows if the submission failed or became a verified link or not before it can go off and try its next round of posting.

    The project might need some kind of verified link bank on the backend too where if a verified link fails re-verification it is removed from the verified column or maybe moved to another column like failed re-verification but still remembered in the project and then re-checked x times that the user sets. If the re-verification fails the number of times the user's sets then that is classed as a dead article and SER then goes off to try report that article on another site. It might be a way to help counter so many sites going on and offline so much to minimise the risk of two articles being posted to two sites.
  • This would be awesome for high quality posting!

    @shaun SER already knows if an article was verified or only submitted so you can play around with that. It's far from the system you've proposed though....
  • SvenSven
    when you count articles, it asks you what to count (submitted, verified both).
    if an article is added again to the verified list due to the reverify checking, it should also add that article back to the counting.
    SER also uses unused accounts again to submit.

    please correct me if Im missing something.
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