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Does the setting for "drip Feed" in GSA-SER affect how GSA SEO Indexer will perform its job?

Firstly, this is my very first post on here, so hello to everyone.  : )

I know that GSA-SER has a feature to fine-tune indexing options.

Click the Options button (right, top), then click the third selection down, the Indexing button (left side).

The menu that is presented has a check box for "Drip Feed If Supported" at the very bottom.

When this is checked, will that affect how GSA SEO Indexer will function?

I read all about how GSA's Drip Feed option works as a binary option, with a randomizer built-in to make it work best when it's activated.  SO I know how it works, just not when it is being applied.

While I'm asking, I might as well ask a related question:

When "Drip Feed If Supported" is checked, and "Submit backlink URLs to blog search engines" is also checked, will GSA-SER drip-feed these submissions as well?

Thank you, in advance, for helping out.



  • SvenSven

    "drip feed" is not supported by SEO Indexer. This option is for other indexing services that have some field to submit URLs but let the service index them later.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Thank you kindly for the information, Sven. I was unsure how this worked, but now I understand.
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