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error continue pop up

an error box keep pop up  "Could not start crash reporter, crashSender.exe is not found in the specific path"


  • SvenSven
    that error is not coming from our software.
  • but this error only happen when I click start on GSA SER
  • SvenSven
    but crashsender.exe is nothing we have.
  • Hi Sven  I found  out  it only happen when some projects  are running and I filtered out and it came from SERenger  I did a forced reinstall  it is not happen again
  • hello
    pop up and close program dont use gsa its no good you have solution ?
  • computer its low memory
    j 80 proxi and 4 projet start its not possible
  • I am not quite understand your talking ,  the problem I observed it may cause by my antiVirus program see sendcrasher.exe as a risk and removed it, I force reinstalled SERengine and let my anti Virus program ignore the risk. Now it all running perfectly 
  • ok j test thank you
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @andy1024 : Looks like you already solved the issue but I thought I should ask if you are running the Memory limiter in SER (auto decrease threads if mem or cpu limit has been met)? This is good to setup if using SEREngines as those jobs are more resource intensive and when ram starts getting low, it will lower your threads temporarily.
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