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How GSA Builds Video Links and What Data Should I Enter in GSA Video Details Flieds

I know that we should avoid "Video-Adult" unless we are working on any 18+ niche (which i am not), But what about Video links. I see there are a few data fields which we are supposed to enter like Video Title, Video Description, Video Duration, Preview Image and YouTube ID.

My Question is Do GSA Builds links to that Video of which i provide the ID or it uses that video to create links to my site, and how i should enter other data fields of video.

What's your experience of using Video Engine in GSA?


  • @Sven , @shaun, @VMart Was this a silly question?

    Waiting for some answer from you guys!
  • SvenSven
    the video category will most likely create profile links and articles. some allow you to link a video (youtube id). If you don't have that, you can simply right click on that field and choose "disable engines using this".
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