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GSA Ser 2017 How Do You Use It (Strategy)

I have been mostly building links manually but i wanted to learn most important things about SEO and ranking any Shit(not literally). However, using GSA is quite hard for a newbie, plus making a good Strategy is something which will take months or years to master (then Google changes things all the time).

So i would like to know from you guys (Masters of GSA), How do you use it. How do your GSA strategies Work. 

I am not a total newbie, I know that i can download a list of links from Ahrefs and other of top 5 sites and then build links (try to) using GSA. Use content machine and catch all emails for Better results, Do Tired link building and then SEO Indexer and others.

However, i want to hear from a MASTER (a person who has reached mastery in GSA or Black Hat SEO) to learn EVERYTHING awesome about GSA.


  • Anyone who introduces themselves to you as a 'master' or 'guru' of GSA SER will be trying to sell you something. My advice would be to read the sticky threads here, watch the tutorial videos and pick through the larger threads. And running your own experiments is always the way to go.
  • shaunshaun
    This thread is probably the best place to start for public info on the direction of tiered link building. I also have a bunch of GSA SER tutorials online that may help you.
  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA
    As cherub said do your tests. It's worth. 
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