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GSA Proxy Scraper: Should I Buy it or Keep using

I use for Semi-Private proxies which cost like $10-15 per month i think. However, recently on a tutorial i saw one guy was using "GSA Proxy Scraper", My question is according to you guys what you think is best "GSA or BuyProxy"?

Can i scrape those fast and private proxies using GSA like what BuyProxies provides? And how many times i will have to scrape proxies using GSA in a week or month. 

Basically, i'm asking this to know if i should buy this tool and spend my money one-time or buying proxies monthly payment is right thing for me.


  • SvenSven
    you get better proxies from paid providers of course. However with our tool you get proxies all the time for a one time payment.

    The problem however with our tool is that you get unstable proxies. At least at the beginning you get a lot proxies who could die a second later. Just over time you build yourself a more stable list of proxies as the program keeps monitoring it's status all the time.
  • cherubcherub
    The proxies that GSA Proxy Scraper provides are excellent for certain tasks, such as scraping/harvesting data. For tasks that need a more stable connection, private proxies are going to be the better option though.
  • shaunshaun
    As already said, GSA PS is awsome for proxies to use for scraping search engines but they can go offline randomly or slow right down meaning your LPM may slow, for that reason I preffer semi-dedicated proxies.

    That being said I managed to get one of my rigs to over 600LPM with free public proxies in this case study.
  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA
    I don't really think you will be satisfied with public proxies. It's a mess and ok for scraping. Not for posting.Honestly, it's not really worth for GAS SER. You have to consider all things and do you want more troubles? 
  • Ok thanks for the answers guys, That means I should keep using BuyProxies. As @Mike_Ross Words "I Should Avoid Messy Things".
  • I rank lots of sites and POST fine for over 2 years with SER internal proxy scraper :)

    I have only just now got Proxy Scraper to get better proxies for posting...
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