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All benefit in GSA proxy scrapper to be gained in GSA SER

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is not able to use GSA Proxy scraper passed all tested proxies, GSA proxy scrapper is passing many testing, but SER is passing very few test only it's a issue. Get me a future to use all proxies generated by GSA proxy scrapper using all proxies in SER.
If you add this future it will very useful for me.


  • SvenSven
    Sorry I don't get you. All proxies that Proxy Scraper finds and thinks are ok, can be used in SER as well. Though make sure you read FAQ:
  • prasanthsurapaneniprasanthsurapaneni Hyderabad
    edited February 2018
    I tried to add my proxy scrapper to gsa ser directly like a proxy but it's showing the error like proxy failed can you @Sven please help me with that what I mean is I am trying this way mentioned in FAQ  adding as a proxy will allow other tools (not only GSA software) to make use of all proxies within GSA Proxy Scraper but failing
  • SvenSven
    did you test against google? If so, make sure you use only proxies passed that test in GSA Proxy Scraper, else PS might use some proxy that did not verify against google and will fail.
  • Thanks @Sven will test and see
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