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Trying to remove indexer links but "no engine matches", my site was penalized x)

funianrunfunianrun United States
I really messed up and had 'indexer' engines checked when i was trying to make serengine T1s.  The result was i got a ton of url anchors and my site went from #10 to #100 in a day!

Anyways, when i select "turn project active and remove selected links"  i get "no engine matches" error for 90% and it refuses to remove the links.  Is it possible to remove indexer links?  Do you think thats why i was penalized?


  • SvenSven
    you can not get such links removed as they are not account based. Once placed, you simply can not remove them.

    However if such links have not been used in another tier or sent to indexing services, it would not mean much and should not harm your site. Maybe just a google dance?
  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    @SvenThank you for the reply,
    I did have about 12,000 T2 links sent to all 78 of these.  So each indexer link has about 150 contextual df links.

    Isn't 10 days a long google dance disappearance? The site was started may 1st and was ranked about #13 for 2 months(from bhw package) before i did this
  • shaunshaun
    TBH mate I would look more towards to Google algo update on the 13th than a hand full of links. Although correlation does not mean causation it is very close to the SERP drop date. When Penguin 4 rolled out I wasn't hit instantly, it took about a week-two weeks before my sites begun to fall.

    Although not exclusive to the update on the 13th theres a few people over on Juststart been hit by the August rollouts and i'm sure @viking had something happen to one of his sites.

  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    tyvm @shaun , this is a very interesting.
    I track some competitors in other niches.  Now looking over their rankings i see one guy tanked from #1 to nothing on august 18th.  

    Its weird my other sites weren't affected though... they have similar gsa ser links, however theres also some more pbns and expired 2.0s sprinkled in.

    I wonder if it could have to do with on-page algo.  I'm trying to remove all my affiliate links(this site had over 30 on one page) to see if this changes something.

    thanks again
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