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Tier 2 and Tier 3 question

I have I crucial doubt about how should I deal with Tier 2 and Tier 3 links. I have a 2 million links scraped list, in the other hand I have just a few of Verified links from my Tier 1. Should I import the scraped links to Tier 2 and 3 or I have to use only the verified links from Tier 1?
I know it may be an idiot question but I'm a newbie.
Thanks in advance.


  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
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    Use your google search how to build tier project
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    Maybe I'm missing something but this article doesn't even mention Tier 2 and 3, and doesn't answer my question by far.
    I already used my google search but I didn't found nothing related, that'ts why I came here.
    Thanks for your answer anyway.
  • shaunshaun
    Thanks for the shout out @VMart :).

    That's my guide @odissey2010 and that particular post is more of a general guide to all of SER. I have plans to add stuff to my blog about tiered projects but I am still working stuff out after losing most my sites.

    My current plan basically drops most of the links from SER and replaces them with SERE and a few hand picked native contextual engines on T3 with T2 made of manually created web 2.0s (might replace them with SERE when it has more engines) and a T1 of a bridge network.
  • @shaun
    Fist of all congrats for you guide, top notch. But talk in English to me because I don't understand halk of what you say.
    The main question is:On Tier 2 and3 I import all those millions of unverificated scraped links or do not import nothing and GSA SER somehow do its thing, 
    I swear I could't find an answer to this. Perhaps the question is too obvious.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Should I import the scraped links to Tier 2 and 3 or I have to use only the verified links from Tier 1?
    I'm following shaun guideline
    My strategy 
    Tier 1 Using Contextual Articles 
    Tier 2 Using Contextual Articles/Profile
    Tier 3 Do follow 
    You should import scrapped links to T2/T3 (Project/Import) or Global settings
    Plz regret my language issue.

  • @odissey2010 'more' does not mean 'better' for lists. a handful of the right links will rank you vastly higher than a million of the wrong links. it depends on what you are after. are you churn+burn or are you trying to build a sustainable site ranking. scraping lists is a good thing to do, but you really need to filter it down. 90+% of that list will drop out of the index pretty quickly. so what is the point of wasting resources? instead of just blasting away, why not learn strategy. research your competition. what are they doing? that is where your focus should be. and @shaun gave you big clue for what to do. reread his post. big scrapes/big lists are in the past (2016/17). not needed anymore.
  • I use SERengines for T1 with my selcted contextuals. Works fine. 

    Why not to import all you scrape with all projects. Then it will filterout and do it for you. 

    Sorry about my english. 
  • I have done T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 till T1000 and it's all a waste of time.
    Ever noticed that your keyword competitors only got 20-50 referring domains? 

    and then go back to your website that's 2 pages further in the search results with 600 referring domains. 

    If that's the case, and you would like to rank your site on the top position from 20-50 referring domains you should follow this review I have written
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