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Unfinished ping jobs waiting

I've fired up GSA over the last few days after not using it for a long while. I've done a sample project with just over 3k verified links so far. 

What I've noticed is that after I stop the project, it still stays running ping jobs for a very long time. I have this message "Still 8606 unfinished ping jobs waiting". Many of these ping jobs seem to fail. 

Where do I see the jobs waiting? Can I delete them? What is the recommend advise regarding pinging these days?

Many thanks.


  • SvenSven
    I would disable the pings, I dont see much use on that anymore.
  • Thanks Sven, what would you suggest for indexing these days?
  • SvenSven
    I leave that open for others to answer.
  • I use proxies and my Unfinished Pings were growing and growing. I fixed mine by going into Options. Then on the Submissions tab, at the very bottom, there is a checkbox for Restart projects on active proxies. I checked it then hit OK. The pings started working. Good Luck!
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