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How the BRUTE FORCE Backlink Nuke Indexer supporting GSA Redirect pro generated redirect links

VMartVMart Natural SEO
edited August 2017 in GSA SEO Indexer

I'm using GSA RD Pro, It's generates millions of redirect backlinks,
1. Can I send this to Nuke Indexer, Will it index millions of redirect backlinks from GSA DR Pro.

2. Will you give API for passing links from GSA DR pro to Nuke indexer.
3. Shall I try PLATINUM (DESKTOP SOFTWARE + CLOUD) (Monthly). After satisfied I will purchase life time version.
4. Is it yours?


  • Just replied to your PM.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    edited August 2017
    1. How Nuke Indexer works along with GSA Redirect PRO.
    GSA Redirect pro generating files in csv/txt format are stored in a folder, Will nuke indexer take files from the folder.
    Gsa rd pro in hour it's generating around 1.5 lacks links, Will nuke indexer will send indexer.

    2. GSA rd pro, global settings your api how does it works. In global settings if I click your link it's connecting to un-related site.

    Coz of you not giving DEMO, you should explain me how to work in the software. In your website also you did give.
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