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Email Verification problem

I recently bought GSA SER, have it running the same campaign for about a week now, I have successfully add the  account in GSA  and test all is right !
i have scraped some Forum Profiles with scrapebox , but every time I check to see how many forum profiles has been verified i see 0 link and 20 link awaiting account verification ! when i check my hotmail i don't received any email verification from the sites !!!!


  • i have this problems only with arabic list !
  • SvenSven
    and the email accounts work in SER ? Also when you say arabic lists, what does that mean in detail?
  • @Sven
    Yes the email accounts work in SER! when i use english list (English Urls) the confirmation work great! when i use arabic list for arabic campaign i have this problem!
  • SvenSven
    i could need some project backup to debug this.
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