proxy scraping and testing issue

GSA SER do not scrape and test public proxies anymore.
I was using GSA proxy scraper up to recently but, I had only a few proxies appearing and since it wasn't enough I added some more public proxies from the list. 

I didn't change anything in my settings (apart from adding public proxy lists on top of my proxy scrapper's proxies)
and the soft do not check and scrape proxies anymore. I have to add them manually once or twice a day. 

check the vid. 


  • SvenSven
    1. when you click in SER to parse new proxies, it is adding them only and not testing because you didn't click the menu to parse + test" but just parse.

    2. maybe your proxies don't get added because you use the option in SER to only add ne proxies if present proxies are below a certain value.
  • Now the program is testing them, but they are not added on auto.

    check vid to see if my setting are right.
  • SvenSven
    I really don't see anything wrong here. The log said it added 52 new proxies form your export file. Thats after filtering out the known once that are already there.

    you better clear up all unchecked proxies and maybe just use the export file as source to not get confused.
  • edited August 2017
    i did what you said and the issue is the same

    It always scrapes 52 proxies exactly out of 1000s. It's not normal to have exactly the same number of proxy scraped each time.
    Also, GSA ser does not add proxies found online automatically. I always have to add them using Find online. 

    Finally, when I select find online + test, it adds the proxies but does not test them.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to erase all proxies, and start again with a new proxy scraper setting. To see if it only find always 52 proxies. If it doesn't work, I'd do another test with proxies found online to see if the program finds them on auto. I'm afraid it's not going to work since it doesn't work anymore without any change in my settings. 

  • SvenSven
    its adding + testing afterwards. Im sure all is correct as this has been working for years and i didnt change a single thing.

    if you want, i have a look myself via anydesk or remote desktop.
  • sure. you can check via teamview.
  • finally! I created a new export file in proxy scraper and a new setting in gsa ser and it works.... No idea why it stopped working suddenly?.......
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