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SEO Strategy Question

Hi all,

Quick strategy question.

My MS is actually a brand site. I get a lot of backlinks and traffic from retailers linking back. So I get skittish when I am thinking about trying something related to the MS. But, here goes; I am thinking of blasting nonstop with SER with my brand name in the post, but ZERO links to MS. The concept is to build the 'noise' of my brand in a very crowded vertical. I am pretty sure this will help long-term more in terms of repetitive recognition by consumers than any sort of seo benefit, but that is what I am after. So the question, is there a negative consequence to doing this? Will G slap the MS if there is no link back to it from the massive cloud I am going to create?

Thanks all for any comments.


  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I would be very surprised if this brought any negative consequences (or positive ones for that matter). Press releases can end up syndicated on tons of garbage sites, and the only issues I've heard of people having involved over optimized anchor text on links.
  • seopowerseopower Los Angeles
    Why not to throw web 2.0 (serengines) and only contextual instead ? Right now i have a local brand and i do local seo i do exactly similar something and it works great. It even establish my global ranking. 

    Source : My experience. 
  • Your Citation Flow on Majestic will increase, but rankings probably not so much.

    I've trialled this with paid traffic too, and this does actually help put your rankings on the map - if they weren't already - to clarify I mean if it wasn't in the top 1000, then junk traffic can bring it to say 150-200.

    Don't be scared to try stuff, I've tested millions of ways and it's actually quite difficult to get a slap by Google unless your on-page is crap. Dupe content, dupe metas, OBL to 404s, inbound to 404s (is massive for neg SEO, so watch out for it).
  • @JudderMan thanks for that! One question when you had the traffic faucet on, did you have GA installed on your site, or any other G script? I also played around with the traffic thing (Panda) and it 100% worked for rankings. The problem was that their user base is too small to scale the rankings in a competitive niche so I thought it was a red-flag for G if the traffic suddenly flat-lined, and I dropped the service. I had removed the GA script because I didn't know what the traffic was going to look like and didn't want to lose my MS, so am curious if you had GA active and it seems like you had the same issue of hitting a ceiling with the traffic. Thanks. Off to build a massive brand name cloud. Will report back down the road.
  • @viking sorry dude don't check this forum as much. Yeah had GA on both sites. One had an amazing result the other nothing at all. As you mentioned, it's in a niche that would cause red flags I suppose. Shame as commission is good on sales and I wanted a cheat way to rank for it.
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