How to post article with same account ?

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I want post many articles in same account. Can you help me, please ? Thank you

Sorry because my English isn't good !


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    As far i can know is impossible to post on the same account.

    The main purpose of the GSA SER is to get diversify backlink source and ip address, think about this. If you have 1000 backlink from one high PR domain like is not worth compare to 100 backlink from 100 difference high PR domain.

    Also, if you want to use the same account to backlink your other site, it will leave a footprint to google cause all your site was getting backlink from the same ip.

    Hope this will help you...

    About your English, mine is not good either but i hope you get my point. Just don't afraid to make a post asking help from this forum.
  • Yes you can, but not on the same project, i mean you can create 1 account in any article platform and use the same login information on other projects to post 1 article.

    I don't know if you can repost on the same project, maybe if you delete de cache.
  • hmm .. thought tha tis possible .. with -> Clear target url history and keep the accounts then it posts again to them .. at leat i think so ,)
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I think you're both wrong :)

    You can post to the same account by first posting, then export verified links, delete target URL history (don't delete account data), then import the verified links as new URLs.  It will then post a second time to the same account.

    I have tested this with social bookmarks and it worked as expected.
  • uhmm @sven can you please clear this ,) if we have to do it like @brandon said or if there is a easier way ;)
  • I'm curious on this as well. I'm sure web 2.0 success rate would go up if for say:

    Campaign 1 went thru and posted to web 2.0 with no links in them. Wait one week and then:
    Campaign 2 went thru same web 2.0s and posted with links.
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