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Proxies Getting failed

I have more than 400+ Private proxies that I am using on 5 Servers on gsa ser on each server. The problem is that these proxies stop working on gsa ser in a week or and I have to change the ip of the vps to get them working again. Proxies are always live but they just stop working in gsa ser and start getting failed until I buy a new ip for that same vps. Why is this happening and what can be the solution ? I have tried changing vps servers and companies too but same happening with me. 
@Sven Can you look into this please


  • This is the configuration I am using for proxies. I am doing no scraping at all.
  • I am using gsa ser for more than 2 years and that just started happening with me these days,
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    May be your proxy provider ? I recently noticed buyproxies (my provider) throwing some indecent proxy batches. (even with dedicated ) my setup is 1 :10 proxies with no scraping. (i use port scanning proxies for scraping) also noticed it's a problem with their DNS. 

    Just to make sure reset your DNS every X time. It helps me. 

  • @Linksplug how can I reset DNS ?
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