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About captchas options and recaptcha v2

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@Sven, I have 2 questions:

Question 1:
 is there any way to send only recaptcha v2 to 2captcha and the rest to DBC for instance? if yes, can you describe how to accomplish this?
Perhaps makes sense using 2captcha for "only hard captchas" in custom captcha settings inside the project? as I assume recaptcha v1 and v2 are among the list of what gsa ser considers a hard captcha?

Question 2:
Although I tend to use captcha services only for "hard captchas" as sometimes I have detected gsa ser will send some invalid captchas to services (for example a leaf image) and services will still charge for this although it will result as an invalid challenge in the target website. Basically i'm looking for a way to prevent this invalid captchas to be sent to the services while still being able to combine several services in the custom captcha setups on the projects.

In simple terms, i would like to have GSA CB as first option for non-hard captchas, then second option i will try with ocr service and third option with 2captcha but only if its a valid captcha. Any suggestions how to achieve this? Perhaps these invalid captchas are "unknown captchas" in GSA CB so sending to the capcha service from CB would be ok except for the fact that asking CB to handle the service as well is reducing flexibility as in combining multiple services for different conditions. Ideal, I believe, it would be if you can implement condition to send to service "Only if known captcha" or "Skip unknown captchas" in gsa checkbox at custom captcha and/or general captcha settings. 



  • SvenSven
    Q1: yes thats the only way to configure it. You can also put it to the last service and it would only be used for recaptcha v2 and if the previous services cant solve it.

    Q2: send me the places / engines where this false captcha detection appears,maybe something we can fix in the scripts.
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    Actually i dont know for sure the engine but I've seen many times on 2catcha history an image with 4 dots in the corners, which results on a wasted captcha credit, i think adding "skip uknown captchas" from inside gsa ser should help with this?
  • SvenSven
    no, because for many many engines and sites SER does not have  a specific captcha mask to look for but other algorithms to detect it.However if you ever know of specific sites let me know.
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    I'll try to find out but 2captcha is not giving too much data about whats the engine or its url. If you have any idea how to identify these type engines I could try to do it. Perhaps is not even happening no more, I've seen it for the last times a few weeks a go, will keep an eye on the captcha histories I guess and let you know.

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    @sven, i overlooked the option of saving unkwnown captchas to file in CB, I believe I can use that to try to identify the unknown captchas being sent to the services resulting on waste of credits. I will let you know as you said.
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