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Intergrate SEO Content Machine

I use SCM and they have better content than the others. It's a shame I have to go through several steps to import articles unlinke Konent Machine.


  • Anyone else interested in this? I may make a solution myself if needed.
  • I'm interested, SEO Content Machine developer created an API for SEO CM long time ago, but not sure why it wasn't used to integrate SEO CM into GSA..
  • Who knows but there should be a way to get this done.
  • I am already SCM use that is good.
  • I have asked sven to add it in, original he said he would after more follow up he said he wouldn't add it.

    If some gsa ser users made a polite request I'm sure he would :)
  • +1 on this but not sure how interested Sven will be as he's jumped into the content business too.
  • powerpointpowerpoint Nederland
    edited September 2017
    Seo content machine Rocks  B)
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