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How to use Gsa search engine ranker safe and professionally? And get Pr4 to Pr10 Backlinks


  • edited August 2017

    PR dead years ago and now google don't update page rank. Why don't you replace it with another metrics? afaik gsa ser can replace it with yandex if you want. but if you have gsa scraper you can replace with many more valuable metrics which much better and safer than stupid pr or yandex :D.  but it takes lot of time. 

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  • Ooo Ok Thank you for your information Bro :)
  • @AKPJ26

    PR dead. You can replace it with this yandex

    or much better, if you can use serverifiedlists moz filtered list or grindlists authority link lists.

    You can buy a normal list or make a your list and filter out with free MOZ APis if you have scrapebox. But it's yard of headaches. 

    I know PR is the best. But it was. It's always to good moz , majestic metrics than nothing. 

  • Ok bro I will that. Thank you for your information 
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