GSA-SER - Article Forge API Time Out Issue - ? Easy Fix?

Hi Sven,

Getting the error; "HTML Call Failed" when I initiate the Article Forge API in GSA-SER. I have checked my Article Forge and the article I configure in GSA-SER does appear in my Article Forge account. I got Article Forge involved and they said their end was working (API), it looks like a timeout issue. They suggested increasing the timeout to 300+ seconds. 

Any thoughts or ideas? 




  • SvenSven
    sorry, here is no easy fix on our end at least. I really think there API is not the best here. It should provider a more flexible API like issuing a request and getting back an ID to check the status on. But right now you do a request and you have to wait and expect direct results on that.

    300 seconds timeout is really ay too long.
  • Thanks Sven! I'll forward your response. With your # of customers, hopefully Article Forge will work on making their API w/GSA-SER better. :-) 
  • SvenSven
    yes that would be great
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