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Creating lists

Hey guys every time I try to build my own list verified list I encounter the same problem. Basically I buy a list (loopline or ser verified), run a campaign and save the verified links in order to create my own list. When I reuse those urla for mylink building only around 30% of those sites work. Do you have the same?


  • shaunshaun
    That seems like a pretty high number of link loss from Looplines list. I have been running my list filtering method on it for months (years if you ignore the break I took around Feb) and never had it so low.

    How often are you building the list? I usually set fresh filter projects off every Monday while pushing the links from the previous weeks filtering projects into my verified folder after emptying it of all the old links.
  • edited August 2017
    I create lists like ever week or 2. However this ratio is starting on the same day once the list is created.

    The only difference while running my main camping is that I have scheduled posting set on (when I filter the list I have it turned off). When I filtered the list I had over 3000 verified urls. When I ran my main campaign I had scheduled posting set on, 2 emails, maximum accounts per site 2, maximum posts per site 3 and it only created 1400 verified links after 24 hours even though it should have created at least 2500 according to my settings. Number of threads is 200 with 30 dedicated proxies.
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