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CB Changed My Host File (Change it Back)

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Tried CB a few days ago and decided to wait to buy but it changed my host file and I need to change it back cuz CS doesn't work properly anymore. Also the only way I could leave this message was to use the source file button. I could not post using the regular post area.



  • SvenSven
    Well CB has to modify the host file for you to work properly. And yes it is changing it back on exit. But when you start CS it will also change the settings back for you.
  • Ok, thanks
  • Ok, I can't check my balance with deathbycaptcha.  It says....

    Your host file is modified.
    This is usually done by CaptchaBreaker to redirect captcha queries to its own.
    Please diable this option.
    Continue anyway?

  • SvenSven
    That message comes from SER as the host file would redirect the balance check to CS or CB. If you however want this, you can ignore this.
  • I'm having the same error message.  But when I ignore it, I'm noticing most of the links are now saying "captcha not recognized" or something like that, even though DeathByCaptcha is selected as #1 option.
  • I guess it's possible, it could've been an error with DeathByCaptcha though. 
  • theruskitheruski From Russia with Heart
    I am having same issue. 

    And when I tries to check balance with dbc its saying "Error: unable o get balance".

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    If you just want to run GSA Capcha Breaker with GSA Search Engine ranker, then there is no need to select to run it as a web server or to simulate any of the captcha services.

    When you select any of the check boxes in Simulate services, then GSA CB will add a entry to your host file for each of those services you have checked.

    If you plan on using another service like Death by Capcha or Decapcha as 2nd or 3rd option in GSA Ser, then you should make sure you DONT check the box to similate that service in GSA CB otherwise it wont work and all request intented for Death by Capcha or Decapcha will end up being redirected to GSA CB

    So in summary; if u only run GSA CB and GSA SER on the same machine, then make sure you uncheck the things shown in the below screenshot.

  • edited March 2015
    An old thread I know but I just wanted to thank royalmice for this, it sorted my problem out!
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