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Working with URL RD Pro monitoring files

I have start URL rd pro, I have 642 links, after SER produce countless links, But url RD pro did not update the links


  • SvenSven
    it will do that once it finished the processing of the current links.
    edited July 2017
    you can also control how many redirect you want per link instead of sitting there getting 600 links per URL which you don't need.  You should regulate it to only 5-10 links per URL set it from PR 3 which means you will get PR 3 and up.

    It's great to use in combination with an indexer that is why you don't want many links per Url, or else YOU WILL BE THERE FOR DAYS!!!
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    I have purchased GSA Redirect pro for getting many redirected links, I am willing to run in Rx1, this runs in speed and GSA SER Indexer runs in another speed. both is not matching.
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