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how to solve this, is it easy or hard image?!

for this image:
I see it is very easy to solve image, actually it is not a captcha it is a simple phone/mobile numbers

but it is really strange that I cannot solve it with captcha breaker, I solve very hard captchas before with it <span>:dizzy:</span>
is there any suggestions to do, or any one may know the secret as it gives 0% success rate


  • SvenSven
    might have something to do with the result length.
  • So you think it will solved or there is some limitations on the results length?
    Also I got the 1st part of the image, 1st 4 digits but also no results!
  • as I suggest I do some thing wrong!
    just forget to click on "detect from loaded image" button
    now it is okay, gives some times wrong result but this may be because of it is too long!

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