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Import Article More than One Projects

Hi, I have problem with importing article. I do importing 1100 articles per project. However, I can only import into one project. If I want to do bulk importing to another project. I have to wait the importing process finished. I tried click minimize the project but the gsa program also minimized. This is weird, because if I didn't import the article and minimize the project. I can still edit the other project. But when the importing articles began, it won't.

Hope someone can help me to get out of this problem. I really appreciate any suggestions <span>:smile:</span>


  • SvenSven
    select all projects->right click->modify project->import->articles->...
  • I have tried the method and did a test.

    I set article A to project A then article B to project B

    The result. Only project B which get imported. Project A did not.
  • @flameblue59 failure in import can sometimes happens when there is some issue with file (probably some invalid encoding or something) GSA SER will just fail silently and looks like it is still importing. Try with different set of articles, I'm sure has to be something with your articles as GSA import always just fine.
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