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Help with making Tier 1 Link Using GSA SER

I am trying to make Tier 1 backlinks with gsa ser using my own keywords and in my own niche.I am not using any site list and using gsa ser to find sites related to my keywords.Now The issue is I am getting very less verified sites...example : 369 submitted and 6 Verified. Can anyone help me with this please?


  • pentiumIVpentiumIV Intel
    edited July 2017

    1. Even you scrape with ser for your keywords still there is no guarantee all urls are niche based. So no point to do that. 

    2. Niche relevancy is not something important with most contextual based engines. Most of site supports one-page type sites. So no point again :)

    If you want solid web2.0 for your 1st tier get serengines or just buy standalone apps like ranker x , turboweb poster etc. 

    3. For high success verified ratio make a verified list or buy one.

    All problem solved :P

    Cheers mate 

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  • Thank you Dear for help 
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