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How to use my small list of sites for automated T1 creation?

funianrunfunianrun United States
edited July 2017 in Need Help
I have a list of 50 common web 2.0/article sites,,,,,,

I usually use the list to make T1 manually.

But now I have SER and I'd like to have gsa ser go to these sites and post my hand-spun article, while i fill out the re-captcha.  This will be alot easier than building & registering them all manually.

Is this possible at all ?  I cant find any place for entering just the specific sites.  Do i need more specific urls like 


  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    i found that "import target urls from clipboard" option by right clicking the project.
    then i import a few 2.0s like:

    except i get "no engine matches" error
  • GSA SER doesn't support web 2.0.If you want web 2.0 you have to grab serengines or write script yourself. 

    import verified list or scrape a list yourself and get identified with ser. 

  • SvenSven
    half true @alexover1984 because SER supports web2.0, but it is hard for me keeping up with updates on them so they usually need fixing all the time.
    Thats why you have an addon for such engines where @James does take care of updates.
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