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What exactly are link lists for ?

funianrunfunianrun United States
edited July 2017 in Need Help
Hello !
I just got GSA SER & Captcha breaker.  I ran it for 50 submissions(max for my article's spintax), when i tried to verify the next day none of them succeeded.

Is this what link lists are for ?  If i buy one of these $50/month things I will have much higher chance of submission and verification ?

Also does niche matter ? 

Thanks for any advice


  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    edited July 2017
    I ask if niche matters because mine is only 1,000 volume, so maybe thats why i can't get many submissions

    Since I can't get submissions i just started submitting T1 manually for first 50, then i will hit these with more spamier T2 and T3 ?
  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA

    Hey buddy makes sure to set it up max 50 per verification instead submissions.It gives 50 live backlinks per day. I would personally build 25% more backlinks than i wanted.
    It's always good to use a verified list and trouble free. You don't worry to bother with niche related backlinks.No point and worth. Even non related PBN works great.
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