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How To Make Tier 1 Backlinks Using GSA SER ?

anunaadartsanunaadarts india
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I am musician and proud user of GSA SER since 2 years. I wanted to rank my Youtube videos.I generally make tier 1 backlinks manually and then Tier 2 and Tier 3 using GSA SER.Now i am looking for a Solution to make Tier 1 Backlinks using GSA SER if its recommended.
Please mention the specific setting for it.Thank you.


  • The only difference is where the link is pointed to. That is your choice. Since you already know how to do T2+T3 links, you already know how to do T1 links.
  • WendyLongWendyLong New York
    Step 1. Set Up a Project. For this kind of super-targeted tier 1 link building, we only want to select a few different link types.
    Step 2. Source Your Content. For this advanced link building, we are not going to use the standard blog comments that GSA SER provides.
    Step 3. The Finer Points of Platform Selection. What choosing what platforms to post your links on, it’s important to stay away from sites that are known for spam or sites the GSA SER has a hard time with.
    Step 4. Keywords and Anchor Text
    For this project, we are not going to use any sort of list. We are going to send GSA SER out to find sites to post to. SER is going to use the keywords to find these sites.
    Anchor Text
    You want to use LSI, branded, or generic anchors for this project. Don’t use exact match anchors because if you screw up, you’ll have a big problem on your hands trying to recover from a penalty.
  • TimDawsoneTimDawsone Quit Smoking..Just started Vaping!
    edited July 2017
    IMO no point to waste your time on manual t1 creation.

    This is what i do ,

    Used RX for T1 but now changed to serengines still playing with it.
    Build contextuals and low obl using gsa ser + ser verified lists
    Build mixed do - no follow 

    That's all for para sites such as youtube , web 2.0 etc. 

    Don't waste time for manual creation..time is money.

    Have a great weekend :)

    BTW i love music and i play guitar and piano. What do you play. Loads of love Celtic and operatic music. Less love with electronic music ;) 
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