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SER using 12 out of 100 threads

I have a list of 1 million trackback urls which i have imported into a project. some of these are duplicates, but my project has around 100 urls to post, so i have it set to be able to post 100 times with 100 accounts per site if need be. When i run the project, however, the thread counter never goes above 12. I have plenty of proxies, why is this happening?


  • EDIT: I have remedied the problem by creating separate projects for each url, and now I am facing another issue: since a lot of the target links are duplicates with slight differences in the url, gsa is seeing that links are already present, and in my verified list i get a handful of verified links all from the same page. is there a way to ignore these duplicates when found? Id rather not have them clutter up my verified list
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