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Another problem with translation anchor text

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It seems there's another problem with translation and anchor text placement.

Whenever I translate, the anchors are placed without a space between the last word and the anchor text.


Hallo danke für den Besuch von<a href="">Google </a>

Hier ist ein großartiges<a href="">Linksbeispiel </a>

There is no space in front of the <a href part of the link. This seems to only happen when using translated links. Also, it seems GSA is putting a space after the anchor and before the </a>, as shown above.

Also, is there a way to make the anchor text not be translated again? My anchors are all pre-translated, but it seems GSA tries to re-translate them, even though they're already translated. This makes the anchors not read properly.

Perhaps I could somehow edit the auto-anchor insert and make it be

#notrans %anchor_text% #trans_de

? Or is this not possible?


  • SvenSven
    you can use #trans #notrans other solution to that. That extra space however is added by the translation. Not much I can do about it except manually fixing things.
  • edited July 2017
    Where is the auto-inserted anchor text handled? I've searched all the files and can only find the ones that add sentences on either side.

    Is the auto-insert handled inside the actual exe file? Or how would I use the #notrans #trans_de so GSA doesn't touch the anchor text?

    Also, what about the lack of space before the link? This also happens with 'extra URLs' i.e. authority links, etc. Seems to happen on all links.
  • edited July 2017
    Seems one workaround is to create a custom template, and use the %url1% %anchor_text1% macros, then for authority links, make a custom script that pulls in the URL's (as I don't see any macros to pull in the "random/authority URLs" spot in GSA Macro Guide).

    This is a big hassle as I'm going to have to generate dozens (maybe hundreds) of templates to make it anywhere near as random as the random-placement that's done by GSA automatically.

    Let me know about the lack of space in front of the links (checking some old links, it seems this didn't used to happen, only recently has started?).

    Another bad part of this method, is that if I wanted to do 3 links, instead of say 2, I'd have to modify another whole set of templates to include 3 anchor text macros... where as if it worked with default GSA, I could simply just insert 2 additional links.
  • SvenSven
    looking into this for next update
  • Alright, thanks as always Sven.
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