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More Detailed Captcha Criteria

edited February 2013 in Feature Requests
I have A LOT of projects running simultaneously. There was a time when I was smashing through my Death-By-Captch credit. I bought CB (awesome by the way), set it to 10 tries, then set it to only try DBC if PR is 3 or higher. Even with these settings, GSA is so efficient at submitting, that it's still smashing through my credit faster than I would like.

We all know that not all backlinks are created equal. Many argue (and I agree) that things like profile pages are worth anything in terms of link juice, regardless of the PR. So to me, it's a waste of money using my DBC credit on them. It would be great if as well as being able to determine whether to use a Capture service based on PR, you could also determine it based on the engine. Better still would be to add all the criteria that are currently in the options (such as base it on the number of outgoing links etc).


  • SvenSven

    If a article can be placed it might also be possible to create a profile link. For both you would normally only have to fill in one captcha.

    Of course there are also engines who have just profile links. You can disable them in project options  (right click on engines list -> Uncheck...).

  • Yes, but in my ideal world (and I know it's a bit fussy), I would have GSA submit to these things if it didn't cost a captcha, but I wouldn't waste a captcha on it. If I uncheck the engine, I never get the submission.
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