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Private proxy issue

for some reasons, SER erases PP after a while. They are working fine, but the program erases them. Even if I untick disable banned proxies... When I try to add them back, quite often I can't. then, after some time off, I'm able to add them again and they are working fine.... for about 20 minutes or so....

I tried private proxies from Asia Virtual Solution. Then I thought that the Stormproxies Backconnect rotating Proxies service was the solution, but it's the same. So I cancelled both and I'm using public proxies only.

Is there a way to avoid that? How can we use PP effectively? The way it is, it seems that public proxies are much better... plus it's free! How do you guys use PP? I must be wrong somewhere, but I applied all the settings indicated in tutorials and at Asia Virtual Solution....


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    Apart from the proxy settings did you uncheck it over in the proxy list options.

    Scraping Google with private proxies is not such an good idea because Google is very strict and they very quickly place temporarily ban on proxies, specially when used in seo tools such as GSA SER, which is why I suggested earlier to use the below settings instead.
    In your case you should have selected the option : Using Private & Public Proxies  -- Private proxies will last almost forever when used ONLY for submissions.

  • in your proxy list option you unticked Automatically search for new proxies? 

    I applied your settings. I see how it goes.

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    In my first screenshot i assumed you only want to use Private proxies.
    You only need to untick it if you DONT want to use public proxies.

    If you would like to use both public and private proxies then it should look like the below screenshot.

    Make sure ONLY to select to test the private proxies...
    Also dont forget to go and select some list.
    If you want to test to see if your private proxies are still working, then please use this link   it will allow you to test private proxies. It is best to use this link to test private proxies, because GSA test will show proxies as dead even if Google temp banned them.

    The search interval and number of threads you should set according to how often you want to check for new public proxies and how many threads you want to allocate for checking

  • great thx. That what I did. 
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    u r welcome
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