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%keyword% not working the way it used to?

Hi in a lot of my campaign I use %keyword% to randomly generate a random word and it prooved really usefull when used mutliple times but now it no longer works the same. Here is a very basic example

%keyword% %keyword% %keyword%

Will produce

bingo bingo bingo

Instead of

Bingo wings gambling blackjack

Is there a way to get a new keyword each time %keyword% is echoed in a piece of content? Thank you.


  • Solved now use %random_anchor_text%

  • edited July 2018
    Hi Im now having trouble with  %random_anchor_text% only producing 1 random word per article as opposed to a new keyword/anchor each time the macro is used in the project?... Any help? Thank you.

    Using %spinfile-C:\Users\Admin\Documents\gsa\keywords.txt% does not work eithier and just repeats the same keyword over again.
  • SvenSven
    spinfile is supposed to use the same variation on one field if repeated. You need to use spinfile2 for using a totally random one each time.
  • Thank you!
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