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[NUCLEAR BOMB CRITICAL] SER Translator is translating URLs and making them invalid

GintasGintas Lithuania
edited June 2017 in Bugs
I'm testing translator feature. Check what I found, this is a test url:

This is what SER posted on (via serengines):
URL in this article is:

which is way different URL. I wondered where did it come from, so I threw it manually in Google Translator and here is what I found:

It's translating URL!! It gets worse. Sometimes a posted URL can be completely broken with spaces: http://www.grazimergina .lt/sveiki-vyrai-esuki-kekse /

But then verifier on tier project verifies this URL as valid! So the whole tier brokes! @Sven please fix it asap, I'm sure many people are suffering without even knowing it, cuz they didn't check manually. It's completely unusable at this moment for me and few other bros due to this bug. My test article is simple #trans_lt pure spun text #notrans:


  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    For the record, I am posting my settings too:

  • kxpkxp United States
    Have you tried putting #notrans before the URL and #trans_lt after?
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    edited June 2017
    @kxp I don't have control over it. My article (5k of them in production projects) is complete text, GSA inserts URL itself randomly wherever it wants.
  • kxpkxp United States
    edited June 2017
    Try putting it in the URL field. I was able to put it into the URL field without any errors. I have no idea if this will actually work, I'm just trying to hack an idea up for you. I imagine this is something that needs to be fixed, but hopefully we can come up with a workaround.
  • SvenSven
    fixed in next update
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    edited July 2017
    @Sven thank thanks thanks thanks. When is the next update though?

    There is also this thing which James from SEREngines told me to report to you:
    if my target URL was, but SER built URL to: http://%20www.grazimergina.%20lt/sveiki-vyrai-esu-kekse/ (due to translator bug), it verifies it as good. Even if I reverify it manually by clicking Show URLS -> Verified, select that one, click verify, it thinks it is okay, it's green. So again, if anyone is doing a tiered link building, the whole tier could be invalid and you don't even know it.

    ALSO, tumblr URLs are also red on that dialog if I reverify it. And anchor text is set as "[empty]". This is because tumblr turns target urls into it's custom redirect url on
  • SvenSven
    its sunday evening 22:18 and you will not get an update even i added this fix some minutes ago. I will release some update tomorrow.
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    still not working properly, will PM few examples of what SER built
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