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Try to write an engine for Joomla web2.0, need assistance

Hi @sven, I try to write a web2.0 engine for, the script is as following:

default checked=0

engine type=Article
description=Create and Submit to Joomla web2.0
anchor text=1
creates own page=1
uses pages=0

page must
search term="Create new account Log in Request new password"

add keyword to search=2
use blog search=0
extract keywords=0

skip ext links on=0
skip content on=0
skip url content on=0
posted domain check=2

[Your E-Mail]


alternate data=%spinfile-generic_anchor_text.dat%

allow html=0
must be filled=1
hint=capitalize each word.

allow html=1
must be filled=1
html line break=1
html line break format=<br />
hint=The full article comes here.
auto modify=0
auto add anchor url=2
auto add anchor url content=%file-auto_anchor-article.dat%
custom mode=1

must be filled=1
hint=The login for websites that need an account. Use numbers and letters only.
min length=15

must be filled=1
hint=A password used for websites that need an account. Use numbers and letters only.
min length=15

allow html=1
allow return=1
must be filled=0
hint=Please fill this with some information about yourself. Use the spin syntax heavily here.
custom mode=1
auto modify=1
auto add anchor url=2
allow data url=0
html to custom link format=!value="filtered_html"
custom link format=" %anchor_text% - %url% "


submit success=Thank you for signing up for a Free account

;<div class="messages error"> << dont add this one as a /node/add crawl without being logged in gives us this error|Internal Server Error
submit failed=This email address is already registered

try to continue without verification=0
captcha failed=The CAPTCHA was not completed correctly|The answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was not correct.|The word verification was not completed correctly|The answer you entered for the captcha challenge was not correct.|name="captcha_response" id="edit-captcha-response" size="15" value="" class="form-text required error"|name="captcha_response" value="" size="15" maxlength="128" class="form-text required error"

verify submission=1
verify by=email
first verify=2
verify interval=50
verify timeout=120
verify on unknown status=0

encode post data=0
just download=1

email=%your e-mail%

form name=signupFormTop
form url=*/start
set unknown variable=%leave%
variable must be used=your e-mail,login

find link=Login
just download=1

submit success=Dashboard
submit failed=Your account is not activated yet|<div class="notification error"

verify on unknown status=0
username=%Your E-Mail%

form name=Login
form url=*/component/users/?task=user.login|*option=com_user*
form id=login

seconds to wait before submission=%random-2-5%

set unknown variable=%leave%


Registration was submitted successfully, but the verification of registration doesn't work, SER is able to locate the verification link from the email, I can see it in the debug log as following:

But verification link is either not being executed or executed incorrectly for some reasons.
Please advise how to fix this..


  • SvenSven
    that link if appearing in log is instantly crawled.
  • However, the verification doesn't work, if I open the temp page from the debug log, it shows "your account is being verifying..."  on the page, and the message lasts forever, it works if I manually open the link from the email.

  • SvenSven
    probably some javascript thing involved?
  • @sashilover
    are you come from China?  我可以加你QQ 我们交流下吗?  
  • @foxymak, sure, pm your QQ, I will add you later, however, you don't use it frequently
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