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Opinions Needed: AsiaVirtualSolutions Custom EDU/GOV Engines

I was curious if anyone used these custom engines and what your opinions were on them:


  • @kxp  For me their product sucks except their GSA ser data packs. 

    Have used their proxies and captchas which are bad  and i doubt they use other providers sources. Like buy proxies

    used their VPS and big list both of them are duplicates with other sellers and 90% dead targets.

    So i don't feel pretty sure about anything except their time-saving data packs which helps for lazy people.

  • kxpkxp United States
    Alright, thank you very much :)
  • Not good and worth.It was expensive and few months back i  got an offer for few bucks but didn't try. Not good their list.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Some very suspicious post here - strange someone just sign up to the forum and their first post  is to comment here.  

    Have you actually bought anything from my site, or are you just bumping for someone ?
  • edited June 2017
    I have been using them and they look good to me. There are lot of factors like your proxies, captcha softwares, emails etc. which might result in good or bad results. 

    I am using GSA since 2012 and own about all of Sven's products. I started with berman hosting & was with them for more than a year. Later, I found their support to be slow and the performance was not like before. Looking for alternatives, I landed up with solidseovps. SolidSeoVPS were really solid and I had no complaints. Their proxy services that they launched later was fabulous and I was happy with them. 

    Around one month ago, I saw services by AsiaVirtualSolutions and wanted to try them. I tried them for a week and was very happy to see results. This guy knows what he is doing and he has lots of services in and around GSA SER. The servers were cheaper and faster as compared to  SolidSeo. They provide free proxies & captcha solving along with VPS  for $75. I ended up saving by choosing this. 

    The only thing that I still like about solidproxies is that their private proxies are replaced once they get banned or stop working. On the other hand, asiavirtualsolutions provide you set of private proxies which only get replaced after a month. They provide free public proxies anyway which are giving me good results on one of my servers. I would highly recommend asiavirtualsoultions VPS + solidseoproxies + 2captcha + SeoSpartans Emails + IndexInject as a complete package for link building using GSA SER.

  • SMOSMO United States
    I have to agree 1000% with chamdi above. I have been using Sven's products for a long time too. When I found AsiaVirtualSolutions it was awesome. I am saving money, have a better/faster VPS and he really knows his stuff. He has given excellent customer service and has helped me tweak things here and there along with providing some tips and insights. 

    Their big list auto updates on the VPS and his proxies are replaced every 15 minutes. I have had nothing but great results with AsiaVirtualSolutions and their products.  
  • love2806love2806 Viet Nam
    I Bought some services in and they are very good for my work. I feel happy with them.
  • When I look at the demonstration video, and the code, it appears to me, that the only thing different about these engines are that they changed the "inurl:" to .gov and .edu with in the current engines.  Which is easy enough for someone to do.
    What I would like to see is the following commonly used .edu engines.


    OpenScholar (Harvard)

    and other unique scholastic and governmental engines, rather than just .edu and .gov versions of commonly used engines.

    I may start working on a few of these engines myself.

  • well guys whats the answer - my competition only has a few gov edu links like 30! so how would i set up to get soem every month ? and could I expect 100 a month ? 
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