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Whitehat/greyhat GSA SER question

Anybody using GSA Ser in a more whitehat/greyhat approach? Focused on less links, but high quality non-efemere links? If yes, tips and tricks?



  • @DzilRel most of the regular posters on this forum use SER to supplement their SEO efforts elsewhere.  Your question shows you are already steps ahead not to do any spamming. Mostly its common sense stuff. High quality, manually written content. Well-scraped targets. A good indexing method/service. That's really about it. 
    The last comment is the color of the hat remark. There is no difference in the color of anyone's hat. Everyone is involved in manipulating Google's search results in some manner. Even the large corporate's. I know this first-hand. So don't think you are doing anything untoward by using SER. It is a tool to level the playing field. Good luck
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