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Unlocking Captcha a crime?

Will i get jailed if iam able to break through a captcha sevice? 


  • SvenSven
    edited June 2017
    Im no lawyer but to my understanding it can not be illegal to find a workaround of  having to fill the captcha yourself.

    You are not hurting anyone when solving a captcha.

    But then again, Im no lawyer. However in times like these everything is getting criminalized, from reversing to not sharing your password with gov or even using crypto to feel secure. But if using things to not having to fill captchas can hardly be a crime.

    Think about the blind people, how should they get along? I think locking out people from resources who clearly can not solve captchas is a crime! We actually have customers using our captcha solver to surf the web more open. And Im proud I could help them.
  • Loved your " blind people" example! Keep doing your great work mate.
  • Of course not.It It was originate came with accessibilities.
  • Can you please elaborate?
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