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Suddenly high CPU load

Hi, I'm suddenly experiencing high CPU load. I was running 300 threads / 18 projects with no problems like few days ago, but now I cant even run 60 threads / 4 projects without peaking and somewhat staying at 90-100% CPU. Can't remember there being any updates?

Anyways, I already contacted my VPS provider, and asked if they can see anything like host overloading / overusing CPU(s), but I think all is OK there... according to them.

Any ideas where to start looking, bugreport from GSA?

- York

p.s. few "changes" I've made in past few days:

1. Installed dropbox, but it ain't running nor syncing while high CPU.
2. Installed serengines api, but it ain't running with these projects.


  • SvenSven
    On SER I didn't change much that could influence the cpu that much. It more would go down as I optimized speed in some functions for the latest update.
  • Yeah, something weird going on :-)
  • Definitely something wrong with my VPS or GSA,.. now it's like 3 projects running with 60 threads and 100% CPU... sucks big time...
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    Reinstall GSA SER see if that solves the problem. Had something similar happen to me weeks ago
  • @710fla Good idea, will do and let you know how it turned out
  • edited June 2017

    Having same issue. I was running with 800 threads 3 projects and now using roll back version without any issues. I had a memory problem with the recent updte

  • @710fla @jhonnyshadow No dice re-installing software. Didn't try older version though, updated to the latest version before started testing, so might need to do rollback too, and test.
  • @Sven or anyone, any chance of getting older version for testing? Currently 11.91, and my original download I think is too old ... so maybe get like 11.8* or something...
  • SvenSven
    im not keeping old versions
  • OK, gonna test with the one I have
  • York 

    use article from folder.It saves more ram.
  • @InsideAss I am. and ram is not the problem, cpu is

    Testing older version didn't help.. so I'm gonna keep testing settings and gonna find out what the hell :D
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